The majestic art of creating your living and / or working space desirable to be in, is one of the most challenging tasks we are coping with, every day. But it’s also the reason why we are waking up in the morning with smiles on our faces, and the drive to embrace new challenges and start a brave new day.

Our working space

What they don’t tell you, is that should be applied also to creators of such space designs – us. To be honest – we are just one small part of big family of creators, but nevertheless, important – we are bringing nature into your homes and offices.

Often, people forget or neglect the fact that we came from the nature, we are part of the nature, and we will end as a part of nature. Creating wonderful geometrically clean, empty spaces is also very challenging and requires great deal of talent, effort and expertise, but let’s face it – nice arrangement, pretty and colorful flowers, and not to forget – the scent, the smell of nature – that is giving “a soul” to any living or working space.

Never underestimate the power of nature. Nature is everything, everything is nature – to move away or neglect it is moving away from ourselves. Let’s return to our origin. Let’s bring life into our lives.

— Anthony Dougherty

Trust your instincts

When you know it’s right, when you feel it in your guts, in your bones, in your soul – that’s the living.

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