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Hello !

My name is Angela

I am the proud owner of my Flowers Shop. May I present you our little shop, it’s unbelievable  people and show you our level of commitment to our work.
The best of Nature is handled with best and skilled hands to bring you utmost beautiful colors, shapes and odors from the Nature itself.

Danni Osterwitzky

very rare creature, capable of bringing calmness and and ease wherever she’s present – she’s in charge of plants selection

Bella Chardash

master of puppets, sorry, plants and flowers – she will pair anything to arrangement, and it will look – BEAUTIFUL

Lucille Brandeburry

she is the one that will listen to your desires and needs and bring them to life, and to you – arrangements creator and personal delivery

the Arrangement Process

For your dear ones, for the occasion,
to show you care and know how to show

Each and every day we visit the flower markets early in the morning in search of the freshest and high quality flowers. Our selection depends on the season, current trends and anything that inspires our creativity.

The flowers are, then, styled and handcrafted at our studio in one or two designs we sell each week. The simple, genuine bouquets represent the natural beauty of the blooms and garnish.

We consciously choose to limit our selection in order to stay true to our mission of using flowers that are fresh and seasonal and by reducing waste. All flowerMe bouquets are wrapped in recyclable material.

We always deliver the flowers ourselves and mostly by bike, respecting the ecological and economical benefits, which is part of our general and business philosophy.

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